All Love - Tonight

So it's finally here, tonight's the night. My CD Release party for All Love. I'm listening thru the trax on CD baby one last time, before they go live later tonight.

How do I feel you might ask? After months of planning and thinking of this moment... I feel scared, vulnerable, excited, and ready for it to be out! Like I've been giving birth and now I'm about to introduce my new baby into the world.. All Love.  She;s a beaut! 

I'm proud too. I like how it turned out. And I 'm excited about how we are going to interpret it live, with a Trio + Colin Hua on guitar for a few tunes. 

I've worked hard to get to a place where I truly like and believe in my music, from it's message, and essence, to it's technique, expression and groove.  It hasn't always been easy, but when I play, especially with this band of Cats (Ran Livneh on Standup, Uri Zelig on Drums) - it's so worth it! 

I can write more here on this, but actually have to get ready... show's only 3.5 hours away and I need to get dressed and freak out some more!  Here's to living life to the fullest and giving all we have to give. Amen!

Eagle Descant Duet at Greenhouse

Sweet, sweet harmonies of original folk songs sung with passion by Dara Eagle and Yours truly at 8:30 at Greenhouse Cafe, in Bay Ridge. Two strong women singer-songwriters unite once again, speaking our truth thru intertwining melody and harmony. Folky, beautiful, powerful music. 
Don Turner and Denis Pettas' will be performing featured sets as well. Then the stage opens for a heartfelt jam, Max Christopher's Original Thursdays.

Come out and feel the love.
Here's a #tbt to an impromptu duet Dara and I did way back when Bar4 was still alive... 


Another Great review for Reach Up

I've gotten another great album review for Reach Up from one of my favorite Alternative Magazines on the West Coast, Savage Henry Independent Times.

In case you haven't got my first Depo LB release, My hope is that it inspires you. Both to buy Reach up (for $5 at ) and to get ready to hear my 2nd Depo LB, All Love, to be released Jan. 3rd, 2018 @ Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3, 7:00 sharp.

Savage Henry, Lyndol Descant 's  Reach Up, by  Sam Greenspan, contributor, 

On her self-produced second album, the sublimely talented Lyndol Descant gives us a recording that is melodic and sweet listening for anyone’s ears. I should clarify, that last descriptor could easily be misconstrued as a milquetoast synapses, as if it could just as easily be background music – quite the opposite.

Imagine a record where Lisa Loeb leaned in to her lyrics, or If Joni Mitchell actually had bass harmonies. It’s a full, well rounded sound that is both tantalizing and calming.

The first song “Sweet Spot,” effortlessly lures you into her aesthetic, but be prepared for your heartstrings to be stretched when you arrive at “Stay Away.”

This is the perfect album for the transition between Spring and Summer. The album, like our glorious natural splendors, blooms all around you in only the best possible ways.



Album Review for Reach Up

I'm so stoked to read this review of Reach Up.  Stacy Zehrig totally gets it, completely!  And I'm very thankful for her poignant words.    See below for the review either on the No Depression site, or posted directly for your convenience.

This is getting me pumped to release my 2nd Depo LB this fall. Final mixes of 9 all new originals are coming in this week by the Great Casey Holford (Sweet Soubrette, Comedy Bang Bang).

Lyndol Descant weaves voice and piano powerfully on new album

Lyndol Descant - Reach Up

JULY 28, 2017

Lyndol Descant's singing blends so achingly well with her piano that she's almost like a one-woman duo. They're both instruments, her voice and her keyboard. When they're locked into each other, which happens often on her new album Reach Up, it is remarkably powerful. From beginning to end, Reach Up is an experience of sound and feeling. Descant isn't restrained by stylistic boundaries, either. Her compositions reach into pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds, their elements mixing together in complete harmony.

"One Night Stand" is among the LP's most compelling tracks. Descant's sultry vocals soothe the ears like silk while the jumpy percussion provides the song with a modern, edgy jolt. It has an electronic undertow that recalls David Gray's finest moments. Descant's lovely keyboards are relaxed at first but then builds to an invigorating groove somehow recalling the Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi.

On "Sweet Spoiled Girl," there is an underlying darkness that is truly mesmerizing. Descant's piano is playful yet somewhat sinister at their core, like a score from a Tim Burton film. The indie-pop influence is evident and Descant echoes the intensity of Tori Amos in her prime. The broken heart of "Stay Away" is reflected in Descant's hauntingly sad vocal work. This is a gripping album.

Sounds of Freedom

I'm so happy to have my song 'Reach Up' included in the Sounds of Freedom 76 -  a podcast compilation of "conscious musicians" put together by Mark Devlin, a musician and music industry researcher. My song is around the 40th minute, but the whole hour is packed with incredible music that is uplifting, inspiring and loving. Truly loving.




















Shedding Self copy.jpg

UCB Private Show - I'm the Audience of One

What what?!? That's right, I went to the UCB training headquarters in Manhattan to be part of an experiment called the Audience of One. 4 UCB comedians did 10min standup just for me. The whole thing was filmed and streamed live. 

I love UCB and couldn't pass this opportunity up. It happened to fall on International Women's Day and seemed the perfect way to celebrate my feminine empowerment. I didn't think about it til that morning, that I was the only audience member there to heckle. I'm never comfortable with attention, especially from Professional Comedians. I would have no where to hide. Yikes! 

They were kind,though, and just happy to have an audience laughing - even if it was just one.

 I LOVE to laugh and totally appreciated the increase in my T cells. Natural mood enhancers are welcomed these days!

And these guys are top notch and I was in stitches.  I think for my birthday next year, I'll try to hire them for another private show. 

Here's the link to video of it...

Winter Art Show at Greenpoint Gallery

One of the last underground art spaces, Greenpoint Gallery has selected some of my works for their Winter Show. Tonight, March 10th, from 8-12 in this authentic Williamsburg space, we will have our works showcased, juried, all the while bands playing on 2 levels. How fun! 

Greenpoint Gallery has long been serving the artists despite tremendous challenges to stay open. They don't take any % of sales and exist solely to keep art and music alive. How very rare these days when art and music are so undervalued by current economic and social norms. 

I'm honored and excited to be included in a community event of true integrity. Viva Greenpoint Gallery!


From a previous Art show at Greenpoint Gallery - 390 McGuiness Blvd in Williamsburg 

From a previous Art show at Greenpoint Gallery - 390 McGuiness Blvd in Williamsburg 

NYC Women Who Rock

I'm so stoked!!! I was invited to perform a few songs as part of this esteemed showcase of NYC women who have been rockin' the scene with their power, wisdom and talent. I have so much respect for these fearless women. I'm ready to rock out at the historic Red Lion on March 8th!!!

Women Who Rock!!!
Roger and I playing at Red Lion for Deja Blue's Women In Rock event, 3/8/17   - all thanks to Val Kinzler

Roger and I playing at Red Lion for Deja Blue's Women In Rock event, 3/8/17   - all thanks to Val Kinzler

SCBWI Conference - Children's Books

I'm headed to the SCBWI conference this weekend. I'm so excited to be surrounded by writers and illustrators, publishers and agents of children's books.

From 1998 - 2006, I worked in Educational Publishing as a Photo Researcher. All that time,  I was working on writing my own books for children and teens, including illustrations. I focused on all the subjects and things that were not in the textbooks we were creating.

Having set it all aside for awhile,  (I've been teaching for the past 8 years and focusing on my music) I've recently started the search for an agent or publisher for my first book. And I've just started illustrating a book called Car Wash, by Jeffery Phelps. While I love teaching, getting back to the children's publishing world seems a natural step for me at this point, having had so much time and experience working with children directly. 

I've been going to children's book stores (not many left) and reading story upon story, getting so inspired. I love the stories that are funny, as so many are laugh out loud funny. For example, the classic Amelia Bedelia books. 

The author, Peggy Parish, was inspired by the funny miscommunications that happen in her classroom over the years. From the quote below, I can tell she is the type of teacher who was an absolute blessing to her students long before she made a huge and hilarious impact with her books.

"Children's rights are taken away from them when they enter school. What I try to show teachers is that all the skills needed to read can be taught outside of textbooks. Today's children are not going to read what they are not interested in. And if a positive attitude toward reading is not developed during the first 3 years of school, it's virtually impossible to develop it later." - Peggy Parish

I agree whole heartedly with this and apply the same idea to teaching music. I find it of the utmost importance that the students who are just starting music, especially the young ages, enjoy their lessons. I strive to instill a positive experience of playing piano and/or singing.  This can be tricky cause it's not really that fun to be starting out at the basics on an instrument. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to the fun stuff and there's no shortcut.

But if I can help foster a true joy of music, then the student will be continue to play for the rest of their life. The motivation comes from within. In time, the student will achieve the music they dream of creating.

My first children's book, Master's of Trust,  is all about having a safe mindset to explore the arts as a youngster. It is inspiration to look for and develop the natural gifts given to each one of us.

I find children do need guidance to find and develop their own mastery, but also the space to explore. It's a long journey but a worthy pursuit. And the world needs each of us to reach our full potential. We need to find better ways to live and I believe our creativity  holds the solutions.

And once the seeds of joy are planted in a child's learning process, no matter what the subject, they will know how to enjoy their unique path of self-discovery.  And hopefully laugh a lot along the way.

I want to inspire not only in my music lessons, but in the books I write, as well as illustrate.  So here's to a great weekend of learning and networking at SCBWI.


Bullfrog, Bullfrog

Bullfrog Bullfrog was accepted to it's second film festival! SCIFF takes place Nov 3-6. I will let everyone know our screening date and time! 

I composed the final song, Grenouille Taureau for this delightful little film.  Congrats to Won27 Productions!

Sesame Street Debut

This past week, I filmed a segment for Sesame Street. The one and only Sesame Street! (though now owned by HBO)

Sesame Street moments are some of my very earliest memories. We watched it all the time when I was a young girl of the 70's.  Right from the start, Sesame Street showed me that learning is super fun. 

At the Concert Hall in the Brooklyn Conservatory, they filmed my standard vocal warm ups for youngsters with one of my students. She is interested in acting as well, so it was a great opportunity for her. While I played the piano in the background,  the focus was totally on her. As she rose to the occasion and sang beautifully, I couldn't help but feel the significance of the moment.

Getting to do my vocal warm-ups on Sesame Street is a great way to inspire children to take voice lessons, to develop their music abilities, and to make it all seem cool and fun – which it truly can be. What an opportunity to reach more student! Something I've longed for, as I truly believe in the value of learning the language of music – for everyone!

It was a career highlight for me, getting to fulfill my life's passion in that manner. I work hard for my vision of a world where music study is part of every child's education. To reach this end, exposure and inspiration are key. Thank you Sesame Street for the opportunity. 

It will not air for a year, so I'll be sure to post when it does.  

Sesame Street


I'm playing tonight in Celebration of Michaelmass - a traditional holiday in celebration of St. Michael, and later including all the Arch Angels. I'll be debuting new material in gratitude around 9:00 @ Max Christopher's Original Thursdays at Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge.

The Art: a styrofoam cup that was run-over. Reminded me of an angel. So I glued the cup, unchanged, to a painted board and added a necklace. I guess I made this back in 2010?

The Art: a styrofoam cup that was run-over. Reminded me of an angel. So I glued the cup, unchanged, to a painted board and added a necklace. I guess I made this back in 2010?

The Science of Genuis

I've long been into the “Science of Genius,” as Scientific American coined it. Since before I can remember, it seemed obvious to me that we all posses the potential for genius. Maybe my faith grew from the urban legend that we are only using 10% of our brains. Seemed logical enough to me that people like Einstein weren't more intelligence than the rest of us. They just cracked the code on how to use more of their brains.

And it also seems logical to me that since we are facing SO many issues in our society today, cracking the code is becoming essential to a more peaceful existence. If we had a planet full of Einsteins, maybe we could make some real improvements in our lives.

Seem naive? I think it's getting the heart of the matter. And 'simple' seems to work when it comes to genius. This is something I think about a lot, part of why I love my job as a teacher.

And I'm not alone. Scientific America dedicated a whole issue to uncovering our inner Genius in 2015. They did a great job laying out some real facts and figures from Scientist and Professors on the case. So we now have more than urban legends to inspire us. I love this issue cover to cover and wanted to share some of the finer points...


  1. “The idea that IQ tests do no measure all the key human faculties is not new. Critics of intelligence tests have been making that point for years.” - Keith F. Stanovich - This gives hope to people who don't test well, or do well in traditional school settings. There are many different types of intelligence and we are in fact very primitive, at that moment, in our efforts to measure them. When we have a more comprehensive view of intelligence, then perhaps students' nature abilities would be recognized earlier and developed fully. And older students could let go of low self-esteem based on an archaic testing.


  2. “We are used to thinking of intelligence as largely genetic inheritance but that is not the whole picture. What we do affects our mental well being: staying physically and mentally active helps us to stay sharp as we age.” - Christopher Hertzog, Arthur F. Kramer, Robert S. Wilson, and Ulman Lindenberger. As a musician and music teacher, I know the value playing music has in keeping the brain sharp. I also know that in order to play my best, I've had to incorporate the right kind of lifestyle for my optimal energy and mental clarity. This means a disciplined diet and exercise/stretching routines. It's such a shame that in our society, as people age, their wisdom is obscured by poor health. Their precious wisdom and other contributions are much needed. Personally, I've seen a huge difference in health and mental capacity as people hit their 60's and above. Working to keep our mental faculties optimal is a goal we should all keep until the day we die.


  3. “Abilities matter for achievement, but expertise in any domain requires a lot (about 10,000 hours) of hard work. Recent data suggest that many gifted children are not receiving guidance and instruction they need to fulfill their potential.” - Rena F. Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, and Frank. C. Worrell - I certainly did not receive this type of mentorship, something I strive to do with my students today. I remember quitting piano when I was 10 because I had heard stories of Mozart. I made a poor comparison, as my attempts at composing seemed null compared to the ones he did at my same age (10). I was no where close, so I figured I'm not a genius and I should just give up. It was an either or thing in my mind, you either had it or you didnt. I didn't comprehend the growth mindset; that it's baby steps. I could learn to do all the things he did - with hard work and effort. My ability to learn music would grow exponentially as I progressed, so what seemed impossible would become probable -  if I worked hard enough and never gave up. The most successful students I have are the ones who grasp this concept and enjoy the process. They don't expect themselves to be perfect right off the bat and they are not in the habit of comparison. Mozart's father had him practicing and performing an insane number of hours from such a young age. Natural talent developed by hard work created his genius. 


Ultimately, finding your own inner genius is altruistic; it truly benefits the society at large to contribute in your best way possible. It's like the Enya Song Caribbean Blue... “If everyman does all he can, if everyman is true, do I believe the sky above is Caribbean Blue.”

The fact that Scientific America had this issue last year makes me feel optimistic. If we all believed in our own genius and worked hard at uncovering it, no matter our age, I believe we will see bluer skies ahead.

Reference: Scientific American, MIND, Your Inner Genius, March 23, 2015,

The Ink and the Worm

Today I'm happy to announce I'll be on Radio Free Brooklyn, talking all things Literary with Swan Drsti. I met her at a Sweet Soubrette show at the Basement Bar in Bushwick, thru the dear Ellia Bisker. It's perfect timing since 2016 is the year I've sworn to get my Children's Book "Masters of Trust" out into the world. You can listen in at 2:00 Eastern time, March 13th, at the link below.  My dear friend and favorite comedian Lawson Leong will be joining us, sure to keep the conversation interesting.

You can also hear it as a podcast after the air date - same link. 

Sweet Soubrette Gig at the Rock Shop

Last Thursday, we had a gig at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn. It was a full band formation which means 3 horns, violin, rhythm section and Ellia (songwriter) leading on vocals and ukelele. I adore playing with this band. Everyone in the band is accomplished and kind, fun to work with and gives 100%. I'm so thankful to be a part of it. 

The  music of Sweet Soubrette is unique and original and so completely rockin. I would love to use the word "cutting edge" to describe it, but I was just made fun of last night by an Australian  Booker for using this phrase. Not sure if the phrase has become trite or if it's due to the fact that Australians like to make fun of everything. (generalization here) 

In Dec and beginning of January, we recorded 5 new songs under the guidance of Don Godwin and Airshow studios in Maryland. I was able to play on 1 of two amazing pianos for the songs... a yamaha baby grand or a Steinway grand. I'm a yamaha girl myself, but the Steinway had a nice dark sound to it, so it was wonderful to decide by the feel of the song.  And Airshow is a top notch studio (probably another phrase an Australian would make fun of?)

Not sure yet when this will be released, but looking forward to it. We'll have another big show to release it and it's sure to be a blast. 

2016 Call to Action

I've heard that 2016 is a year of balance. While for some that might mean learning to take it easy, for other's it's about waking up... which happens to be 2 songs by Sweet Soubrette. Wow, I wasn't planning on writing about that here, but it's true. You can hear these songs via these links below and they will totally help you get into the spirit of 2016.

I loved recording these as a trio formation - Ellia Bisker on Ukelele and Lead vocals, Heather Cole on Violins, and Me on piano and back up vocals. They were recording by Casey Holford on an old Piano in an old Brooklyn Apartment. Then Bob was added later on the Bass.  The result is charming and edgy. I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Working on these songs helped me to develop traits in myself and free myself from trying to be someone I could never be.  This character development is coming in handy now for 2016 as I face some of my biggest fears; putting myself out there, allowing myself to be seen and heard for who I really am as an artist and musician. 

Sweet Soubrette lead by Ellia Bisker


2 Years in NYC!!!

On August 9th, I've officially made it two years in Brooklyn. Wow. Speechless to imagine all I've been through in the past 2 years, seems like a lifetime now.

When we make decisions in life, the important ones, hopefully we look back and realize we made them for all the right reasons. 

Underneath the struggle I've faced, the hardships, the hard work, the rejections and failures, and humbling experiences, I found myself. Like a butterfly inside her cocoon, I found a woman who is unafraid. I found a woman who loves life and is so thankful for the life I'm living.  I've found courage, I've found community and I've found confidence. I've found my life.  

My faith was the reason I came here. I felt I was being called here, from deep inside my heart. And my mind guessed the reasons and was wrong entirely. But only because the real reason would have seemed impossible. The reason it had to be New York was because no where else on earth could I have been so challenged that the real me was left no choice but to stand up fully and claim her life. The one she has dreamt of, the one she now knows she deserves.

I truly love you NYC. It wasn't love at first sight for me. You seemed a real dirty bitch to me for a long time, but now... now I can see you for the angel you are. I'm so thankful for these 2 years. I'm so thankful for the people I've met, the ones who challenged me, and the ones who supported me, gave me a chance, did whatever they could to give me one more day here. 

Who knows what tomorrow brings. I don't care to know for I have myself again in this very moment, and I've remembered that everything I need was inside me all along.