9 Originals by Lyndol 

Latest  Release - Jan 3, 2018


9 Originals by Lyndol 

Released April 2016

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Originals by Lyndol 

Release  2003

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Dave Brubecks Nocturns played on a modern clavichord 

Release  2012


Indie Pop lead by Ellia Bisker

Released  2016

'Sweet Soubrette's fourth full-length album, BIG CELEBRITY takes on existential questions, irrevocable decisions, fame, fortune, and staying up late.'

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Sweet Jazz  & Pop 

Released  2016

Descant’s melodies are contagious, as is her piano playing, always clear and passionate, this is pure musical creativity. That’s the short of it!

- Eliana Fermi, Staccato Fly



Hard Blues, Original Rock,

Released 2017

A grooving guitar progression backed by bass and accents by keyboard... displaying energetic vocals with fun melodies and growing tones.. - Indie Spoon


Producer Colin Hua's Originals

Released  2016

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Stephanie Morris, 1975-2009

Released 2005