"You try to express a simple emotion - love, excitement, sadness - and often your technique gets in the way. It becomes an end in itself when it should really be only the funnel through which your feelings and ideas are communicated. The great artist gets right to the heart of the matter. His technique is so natural it's invisible or unhearable. I've always had good facility, and that worries me. I hope it doesn't get in the way." Bill Evans


August 23rd - The Descant Trio plays at the BitterEnd, 11:00, Manhattan

August 17th - Greenhouse Cafe Featured Set, 8:30, Bay Ridge

August 13th - Anna Awe (electronica) @ Cape House in Williamsburg, 8:00

August 10th - Sonic Art set, 8:30, Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan

July 25th - Sonic Art @ Lovecraft, 7:10, Manhattan 

July 2nd - Wedding Private Event with Sweet Soubrette, Bangor, Maine

June 28th - The Descant Trio feat. JoAnna @ Sidewalk Cafe, 10:00 +  Stephen Michaels Band 8:00

June 24th - Graduation Party Private Event in CT

June 18th - Lyndol Descant's Recital, 2:00 @ Studio 353 in Manhattan

June 2nd - Brooklyn Conservatory Recital, 7:00 @ Concert Hall Brooklyn Conservatory

May 31st - Sonic Art, Bowery Electric Map Room, 8:00, Manhattan

May 20th - Wedding Private Event, East Hampton, NY, 4:30 - 7:00

May 12th - Sonic Art, Connolly's in Time Square, Manhattan,  10:00

May 11th - Greenhouse Cafe featured set + set with Sonic Art, open stage afterwards, 8:30 on....

April 22nd - Bridal Shower, Private Event, Chatam, NJ, 1:00-2:30,                                                                                                                       then Art Showing at Aquarious Studios,  Williamsburg, NY 6:00 - 9:00

April 6th - The Descant Trio - 6:00-9:00, Panache Bridal Expo, Manhattan for On the Move Events

March 19th - The LOVE Bar @ The Pit, 7:00,  Manhattan,  https://www.facebook.com/events/1014021658697765/

March 10th - Greenpoint Gallery Winter Show, 8:00, Williamsburg

March 8th - Women Who Rock Showcase - Red Lion, Manhattan, 8:00 

                       Audience of One - UCB - 1:00, Manhattan - https://www.facebook.com/UCBcomedy/videos/10154594397177326/

Feb. 16 - Lyndol Descant solo @ Max Christopher's Original Thursday, Greenhouse Cafe, Bay Ridge

Jan. 28th - Lyndol Descant solo @ January Acoustic Festival,  4 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Clarion Hotel, Ronkonkoma, presented by LI Musicians Network (LIMU) - 

Nov. 20th - Sweet Soubrette, CD Release Party @ the Footlight  https://www.facebook.com/events/337781259898713/

Oct. 27th - Rockturnally Yours Halloween Music Night with Sonic Art @ Lovecraft   https://www.facebook.com/events/337781259898713/

September 29th - St. Michael's Day celebration, Sonic Art + Lyndol set 8:30 @ Greenhouse Cafe, Bay Ridge 

September 25th - Private Event, Wedding in Austin, Texas

September 15 - Debuting new songs @ 8:30, Greenhouse Cafe, Bayridge

August 20th - Private Event, Wedding in Bear Mountain, NY

August 19th - Private Event, Wedding in Sicklerville, NJ

August 14th - Beer Dogs @ Rocky Sullivan's, Sunday afternoon matinee

August 11 - Sonic Art, @ Sidewalk Cafe NYC

July 30th - Sweet and Sour, Jill Sargent's CD release show @ 7:00, Cafe Vivaldi, East Village, NYC 

July 10th - Sweet Soubrette Full Band Show, 8:00, Joe's Pub, NYC 

+ Bonus show: Littlest Birds Recital featuring the Descant Trio @ 2:00, Rocky Sullivan's in Redhook

June 30th - Lyndol Solo Show + Sonic Art set  @ 8:30, Greenhouse Cafe, Brooklyn 

June 24th - Sonic Art, @ 11:30, Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

June 18th - Sky Diamonds on Governor's Island, Afternoonish, part of Porch Stomp @ Nolan park

June 4th - Recording piano tracks for Jill Sargeant, All day session

June 1st - Sweet Soubrette Full Band show @ 7:00, The Shrine in Harlem

May 30th - Jamboree Rye @ 4:15, LIC Bar in Long Island City, part of Hoover Damn Collection Showcase

May 22nd - Sky Diamonds @ 3:00, Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook

May 10th - Sky Diamonds AND The Descant Trio @ 8:00 and 9:00 respectively, The Basement Bar in Bushwick

April 22nd - Sky Diamonds night @ Branded Saloon, 8:00

April 12th - Recording with Sonic Art @ the Bitter End, 9:00, Manhattan

April 9th - 11:30 set with Sonic Art @ Sidewalk, part of Val Kinsler's Birthday Show

April 2nd - Lyndol Descant Trio - CD Release Party @ Bowery Electric Map Room, 7:00, Manhattan

March 31st - Lyndol Descant Trio @ Greenhouse Cafe, 8:30, Bay Ridge

March 19th - Erel Pilo and Lyndol Descant Duet Show, Bowery Electric part of Don Turner's Birthday Night

Feb. 20th - Mike McHugh's Sonic Art @ Sidewalk Cafe for the Anti-Folk Festival, 9:00

Feb. 19th - Sweet Soubrette Trio @ Basement Bar, Bushwick

Jan. 28th - Sky Diamonds, 8:30, Strong Place, Carroll Gardens 

Jan. 22 - Cancelled - Eliane Delange Brazilian Jazz @ Sidewalk Cafe, 9:00

Jan. 14th - Sweet Soubrette Full Band @ The Rock Shop, 10:00 - https://www.facebook.com/events/1523715781277247/

Jan. 3rd - Sonic Art Trio, 9:00 Pianos Upstairs, NYC

Jan. 2nd - Recording Session, Sweet Soubrette, Baltimore, MA

Dec. 24th - Private Event, New City, NY

Dec. 23rd - Private Event, Wycoff, NJ

Dec. 12th - Berkeley Carroll recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, 7:00 

Dec. 11th - Sky Diamonds plays in Winter is on My Head, Vol. 7 CD Release Party,  https://www.facebook.com/events/536582059829635/

Dec. 5th - Sonic Art Trio @ Pianos, NYC, 8:00 

Dec. 5th - Private Event in Branford, CT 

Nov. 19th - Sonic Art Trio @ The Map Room, Bowery Electric, NYC, 8:00

Nov. 12th - Lyndol Descant Trio with Alan Biller and Charlie Marine @ Greenhouse Cafe, 8:30 + Sonic Art Trio

Oct. 25th - Sweet Soubrette Trio! @ 12 Street Bar for Radigan's Roundup

Sept 27th - 5:00 - 9:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

Sept 23th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

Sept 16th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

Sept 14th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

Sept 12th - 6:00 - 11:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

Sept 11th - 9:00 Sweet Soubrette Duo at Cafe Vivaldi, Benefit for Friends of Firefighters

August 14th - 6:30 Sweet Soubrette Duo show at the Folk Art Museum

August 7th and 9th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

August 6th - The Trifecta Night at Greenhouse Cafe, Bayridge, 8:00 - Don Turner, Lyndol's Originals, Mike McHugh

August 2nd - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

July 31st - 9:00 Lyndol's Originals, 10:00 Mike Mchugh's Trio at Path Cafe, the Village, NYC

July 26th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

July 11th - 6:00 - 11:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

July 5th - 6:00 - 10:00 Solo Piano/singing at Seasons 52, Edison NJ

June 20th - 9:00 Eliane Delange and the Kindness Project at Zeb's, NYC

June 19th - 9:00 Eliane Delange and the Kindness Project at Sidewalk Cafe, the Village, NYC

June 18th - 10:00 Sweet Soubrette full band at Max's Cellar in Bushwick, NY

June 13th - 8:00 Mike McHugh's set at Path Cafe, The Village, NYC

June 11th - The Trifecta Night at Greenhouse Cafe, Bayridge, 8:00 - Don Turner, Lyndol's Originals, Mike McHugh

June 6th - Sky Diamonds 8:00 at Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, NY - opening for the Mission Boys at 9:00

June 5th - 7:30 Eliane Delage and the Kindness Project for Rock the Red Aids Benefit, Brooklyn Guitar School, NY

June 4th - Eliane Delange Brazilian Jazz at Silvana, Harlem, 8:00

May 26 and 27th - Solo Piano at Seasons 52, Edison, NJ, 6:00 - 10:00

May 16th and 17th - Berkeley Carroll Recitals at the Brooklyn Conservatory, Park Slope, 7:00

May 15th - Trios at Path Cafe, the Village, 7:00 Amos Rose, 8:00 Sky Diamonds, 9:00 Triage

May 10th - Mike McHugh's Rock Band at Otto Shrunken Head, East Village

May 1st - 52Solo Piano 6-11, Seasons Restaurant, Edison, NJ

April 24th - Sweet Soubrette Duo plays at Branded Sallon, Brooklyn, 8:00. Part of a Burlesque Show.

April 9th - Lyndol Plays at Greenhouse, Bay Ridge 8:00, Charlie Marine to accompany on Percussion, then sitting in on Don Turner's Set, and Playing duo in Mike McHugh's Triage

April 7th - Sky Diamonds (formerly known as Trés Leches) at Pianos, LES, 8:00, Part of Brian Bonz' Tuesday Residency

March 20th - Equinox Showcase at Path Cafe, 9:00 Triage, 10:00 Trés Leches

Feb. 26th - Sweet Soubrette Duo at Jimmy's in Manhattan 9:00

Feb. 19th - Greenhouse Cafe, Brooklyn - 8:00 Don Turner, 8:45 - Lyndol Descant, 9:30 - Triage

Jan. 31st - Rosehill Music Recital, Thornwoord, NY 5:00

Jan. 29th - Berkeley Carroll Recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, 6:15

Jan. 25th - Berkeley Carroll Recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, 6:15

Jan. 22nd. - Duo show Sweet Soubrette, 9:00 at Freddie's in Brooklyn 

Jan. 8th - Greenhouse Cafe, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - 8:00 Don Turner, Then Lyndol Solo set, then sitting in with Mike McCue

Dec. 24th - Private Event 7:00 in Fairfield, CT

Dec. 15th - Sweet Soubrette Full Band plays Barbes, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dec. 11th - 8:00 Sweet Soubrette Full Band plays the (new) Living Room, Williamsburg, NY 

Nov. 15th - The Path Café, New York,NY - 10:20 Trés Léches plays as part of Mike McHugh's Birthday Bash, 9:40 - I play piano for Mike McHugh's Trio Debut... Triage 

Nov. 1st - The Hideout, Chicago, Il - CD release for Stephanie Morris

Oct. 22nd - CMJ Fest - Wicked Willy's Showcase- 6:40 Erel Pilo and 9:00 Sweet Soubrette 

Oct. 21st - Erel Pilo set

Sept. 26th - Lyndol Plays Cafe Dada 7:00-9:00, Park Slope, Brooklyn  - Solo Show with guests

Sept. 20 - Sweet Soubrette Full Band At Spike Hill 9:00, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

August 29 -31, Sept 5-7: Shrek Production in Brooklyn 

August 21: Sweet Soubrette Big Band Show at Spin 8:00,  Manhattan 

August 15: Lyndol Plays Cafe Dada 7:00 - 9:00, Park Slope, Brooklyn

August 8: Sweet Soubrette Duo show at Fringe Festival in Pittsfield, MA

August 2: Sweet Soubrette Duo, 10:00 Tea Lounge, Brooklyn, NY

July 26: Lyndol Plays Cafe Dada 7:00 - 9:00

July 18: Sweet Soubrette Trio, 8:00 Sidewalk Cafe, Manhattan, NY

July 9:  Eliane Delage Project, 8:00 The Shrine, Harlem, NY 

June 28-30: Sweet Soubrette Tour, Vermont and Boston

June 21: Make Music New York at Hoyt Street Garden 5:00 with Erel Pilo and Dez

June 14: Sweet Soubrette House Party, Westchester, NY

June 12: Lyndol Plays Sidewalk Cafe 9:30

June 8: Rosehill Music Studio Recital

June 6: Tr3s Leches plays Bowery Electric Downstairs

June 1: Boerum Hill Home Tour 4:00-5:30 with Dez and Erel Pilo

May 30: Lyndol Plays at Cafe Dada, Brooklyn, NY 7-9

May 28: Berkeley Carroll Brooklyn Conservatory Recital 6:00

May 27: Private Event, Prospect Park

May 26: Private Event, The Oak Room, Algonquin Hotel, Manhattan, NY

May 23-25: Sweet Soubrette Tour, Upstate New York

May 20: Berkeley Carroll Brooklyn Conservatory Recital 6:00 and Sweet Soubrette Duo at the Map Room, Bowery Electric, Manhattan, NY 9:30