Michael Bailey in DEATH & LIFE, a new feature film by Eric Norcross. In this extract, Michael Bailey as "The Artist" keeps his focus and reminds himself that he is where he needs to be - and any escape must remain fantasy.


Scores for Feature Film, Shorts, Podcasts and Youtube Videos  

Lyndol Descant is an avid composer, using her Logic Pro Recording Studio, she is actively creating pieces of music that nail the feel of the moment.  Whether avant guard feature film, spiritual youtube videos, or comic podcasts, she's exceed your expectations! 

DEATH & LIFE is a new film by ERIC NORCROSS Featuring and original music score by LYNDOL DESCANT Starring: MICHAEL BAILEY, JON-MARC MACDONALD, JAN MAJOR & ERIC NORCROSS For more information please visit EricNorcross.com Filmed in June and July 2017 in New York City.

The Poet, the Musician and the Artist. Magenta Pixie created this video, inspired by one of my pieces entitled, "Soul Tribe Jam"

Bullfrog, Bullfrog - A comic short by Robert Descant made it into 3 festivals! - I composed the title track - a classical piece in French. 

"One Night Stand... Descant's sultry vocals soothe the ears like silk while the jumpy percussion provides the song with a modern, edgy jolt. It has an electronic undertow that recalls David Gray's finest moments." - Stacy Zerig, No Depression