Lyndol Descant has been in the education industry for over 20 years. Her piano lessons focus on building a solid music foundation thru dexterity skill building, sight reading, jazz theory, ear training and exposure to all styles of music. She works on classic piano pieces but always includes music that the student is connected to for optimal results.

Recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, 2015

Recital at the Brooklyn Conservatory, 2015


  • Beginners - Intermediate (7yrs old to 120)- all styles, building a solid musical foundation

  • Intermediate to Advanced - Pop, Jazz, Rock,

  • Improvisation and Jazz Theory

  • Composition and Songwriting

  • Building Confidence thru Performance

  • Musical Memory and Sight Reading

  • Songwriting and improvisation are explored whenever there is student interest.

  • Online, at the Brooklyn Conservatory or In Homes in select locations

 "I would highly recommend Ms Lyndol Descant as a voice and piano teacher. In truth, we would hire her back instantly should she ever move back to Texas. Actually, we wish she was staying in Texas!

Her students love her; her attitude and professionalism are outstanding.

She has consistently been the teacher with the most referrals and any music studio would be lucky to have her as a part of their staff."

Larry Asher
Director, Pro Music Instruction