Lyndol Descant has a gift for creating the right tone and ambiance thru her music; be it quiet and relaxed or up beat and fun. Using her sensitivity and experience, she'll customize the song list for her audience. She especially enjoys combining the elegance of traditional jazz with the joy of pop to create updated versions of classics, as well as hip originals.  Sing alongs? She loves them! And she believes whole heartedly in the power of music to bring people together in joy and love.  "Lyndol was great. She is very talented and professional. She was a breeze to work with and schedule with as well. Would recommend her to anyone!" - Jaime, City Vineyard, NYC, 6/23/2018

She's been commissioned to provide vocals, piano and keyboard at many diverse events, such as:

  • Cameroon wedding in Paris, 
  • a graduation party in the Algonquin Hotel-Manhattan, 
  • a private party in Prospect Park-Brooklyn,  
  • large-scale Gala in Houston, 
  • with Sweet Soubrette at Joe's Pub in NYC
  • 4 year old's birthday in Connecticut
  • Wedding in the Wine Garden at City Vinery, Pier 26, NYC
  • RiverView Jazz Fest @ GP's Restaurant, Jersey City, NJ, 2018
  • Ristorante Lincoln, Lincoln Center, NYC
"The musical style is an eclectic mix of Austin singer/songwriter folk combined with jazz inflections and rock rhythms and song forms. The result is music that is powerfully alive and eclectic."  - Reviews by Amity Hereweard, March 14, 2018
 Photo: Wedding in Montauk, NY, 2017.

Photo: Wedding in Montauk, NY, 2017.


Lyndol Descant Singing Pianist at The Love Bar, Midtown, NYC, 2017

Lyndol plays her big repertoire of covers with a classy, upbeat feel. New, and old music.  In this video Lyndol played Johnny B Good on the day Chuck Berry died.  As well as led a sing a long for Let It Be, Beatles.

Lyndol Descant Solo Piano at Rockwood Music Hall, The Village, NYC 2018

Live at Rockwood Music Hall, stg. 3 on the All Love CD release party Jan. 3rd, 2018, This is solo piano version of Let You Love Me, a song on her latest release, All LOVE.