The Set NYC: Women in Art | Mimas House Hells Kitchen January 2018

"We don't stand alone anymore, we're holding up each other. 
Our children need us, so heed the call, sisters and brothers."
- These are lines from Trauma Storm, one of my songs that I'll be performing at the SetNYC Event tonight in Hell's Kitchen-
"The Set NYC presents: Women in Art: Music HK An event to help end child trafficking and help create a safer world for children.See our initiative here! Creating stronger laws to put traffickers behind bars. An evening of live music, food, drinks, networking, shows, and helping make the world safer for children."

If you can't make it tonight, you can support the bill. And Maybe you'll keep the children in your thoughts and prayers. Minds united in Love are more powerful than we give credit. And we can all agree not 1 more child should suffer this fate.