Lyndol's Music

"The musical style is an eclectic mix of Austin singer/songwriter folk combined with jazz inflections and rock rhythms and form. The result is music that is powerfully alive and eclectic. Descant’s music is from the heart, innovative and reflects her many travels around the world." - Amity Hereweard, Chalked Up, March 14, 2018

"Descant’s melodies are contagious, as is her piano playing, always clear and passionate, this is pure musical creativity. That’s the short of it!" - Eliana Fermi, March 13, 2018



"Pianist, composer, and singer Lyndol Descant has released her third album of original material titled, All Love. Descant’s musical style is a powerful mix of rock, jazz, and folk, all delivered with a clear warm vocal timber that is emotive." - Eliana Fermi for Staccatofy


Recording in the heart of Brooklyn, from her home studio, Lyndol's compositions are not limited to 1 genre, but expresses various elements of pop, folk, jazz, and rock. She loves to compose on spec for various projects from podcasts to film.  

"On 'Sweet Spoiled Girl,' there is an underlying darkness that is truly mesmerizing. Descant's piano is playful yet somewhat sinister at their core, like a score from a Tim Burton film." - Stacy Zerig, No Depression


Enter here to find a great collection of music videos and live performances. This collection is always growing thanks to Won27 Productions, Showrunner Productions, Krista Fogle Photography and Eric Norcross Films.


To date, Lyndol has recorded 4 solo projects, and contributed piano and/or vocals to projects that she loves dearly;

Sweet Soubrette     Colin Hua     Jill Sargeant    Queens Country Roots      Stephanie Morris