Lyndol Descant performs regularly for private and public events, as a solo performer as well as with her Fusion Pop band, The Descant Trio. 

Lyndol Descant is a composer, singer and pianist with a musical style that is powerfully alive and eclectic. Her performance style is focused and innovative. Her voice, reflecting her travels around the word, merges jazz alto vocals with rock, and touches of folk. Her refined piano skills express raw emotion, especially in her improvisation. Her compositions stand outside of any one genre, expressing her truth fearlessly.

The Descant Trio:

Lyndol Descant - Piano/Vocals/Songwriting/Leader,   

Ran Livneh - Bass (Electric and Stand up),   Michael Vitali - Drums/Cajons

Lyndol Descant weaves voice and piano powerfully on new album

Lyndol Descant - Reach Up
JULY 28, 2017

Lyndol Descant's singing blends so achingly well with her piano that she's almost like a one-woman duo. They're both instruments, her voice and her keyboard. When they're locked into each other, which happens often on her new album Reach Up, it is remarkably powerful. From beginning to end, Reach Up is an experience of sound and feeling. Descant isn't restrained by stylistic boundaries, either. Her compositions reach into pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds, their elements mixing together in complete harmony.

"One Night Stand" is among the LP's most compelling tracks. Descant's sultry vocals soothe the ears like silk while the jumpy percussion provides the song with a modern, edgy jolt. It has an electronic undertow that recalls David Gray's finest moments. Descant's lovely keyboards are relaxed at first but then builds to an invigorating groove somehow recalling the Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi.

On "Sweet Spoiled Girl," there is an underlying darkness that is truly mesmerizing. Descant's piano is playful yet somewhat sinister at their core, like a score from a Tim Burton film. The indie-pop influence is evident and Descant echoes the intensity of Tori Amos in her prime. The broken heart of "Stay Away" is reflected in Descant's hauntingly sad vocal work. This is a gripping album.

Reach Up Cover.jpg

She released her 2nd CD of original compositions April 2016, entitled Reach Up.  Another is forthcoming Fall 2017 with 9 more originals. 

She loves to combine the elegance of traditional jazz and pop standards with fresh, hip sounds to create updated versions of classics.  She's happy to play her originals, as well as covers in all genres. She’s available to play at private and public events/parties, fundraisers, as a solo artist, or with a collaboration of NYC musicians. 

She prides herself on being able to create the right tone for whatever setting she’s performing in, be it quiet and relaxed or up beat. She’s been commissioned to provide vocals, piano and keyboard at a number of diverse events from a Cameroon wedding in Paris, a graduation party in the Algonquin Hotel-Manhattan, and a private party in Prospect Park-Brooklyn to a Christmas event at Old Glory Church in Wimberley-Texas and a large-scale Gala in Houston. She’s even performed for Sesame Street (forthcoming in 2017).

The Trio regularly plays with additional musicians such as Trumpet, Guitar and Backing vocals. 

The Trio regularly plays with additional musicians such as Trumpet, Guitar and Backing vocals. 

Coming Events...

Nov. 25th, 7:00 Queens County Roots at Stanhope House, NJ, opening for the great Al Chez, trumpeter extraordinaire who has played with Paul Schafer, Tower of Power, Robert Cray and yes, even Bon Jovi.

Dec. 7th, 8:30 Eagle Descant Duet, Greenhouse Cafe, Bay Ridge - part of Max Christopher's Original Thursdays, featured set opening for Don Turner

Dec. 15th, 10:00  Vile Bodies Cd Release party at the Gateway - I'll be playing synth for this unique and rocking musical brain child of Shane McGill

Dec. 17th - The Descant Trio at Sidewalk Cafe, 10:00 set, A BENEFIT FOR HABITAT FOR HUMANITY/XMAS PARTY SHOW AT THE SIDEWALK CAFE    - 

Jan 3rd, 7:00  Lyndol Descant's ALL LOVE Cd Release party at Rockwood Music Hall, stg. 3 -  The Descant Trio and guests will be playing songs from my newest musical creation! $10 cover + 2 drinks




Savage Henry, Lyndol Descant 's  Reach Up, by  Sam Greenspan, contributor

On her self-produced second album, the sublimely talented Lyndol Descant gives us a recording that is melodic and sweet listening for anyone’s ears. I should clarify, that last descriptor could easily be misconstrued as a milquetoast synapses, as if it could just as easily be background music – quite the opposite.

Imagine a record where Lisa Loeb leaned in to her lyrics, or If Joni Mitchell actually had bass harmonies. It’s a full, well rounded sound that is both tantalizing and calming.

The first song “Sweet Spot,” effortlessly lures you into her aesthetic, but be prepared for your heartstrings to be stretched when you arrive at “Stay Away.”

This is the perfect album for the transition between Spring and Summer. The album, like our glorious natural splendors, blooms all around you in only the best possible ways.

Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!