Debuting New Originals @ Greenhouse Cafe, Brooklyn

Oh yeah, I’m doing it. Tonight, I’m playing all new songs at Greenhouse Cafe, my favorite place to debut new material.

I’ve been working on a new set of 9 songs to release as my 3rd Depo LB, titled I Dared. Most of these songs I’ve been working on for the past few years while living in Brooklyn. Though one was written many, many years ago, but just never fleshed out til now.

This is part of my process. I’m always always composing. I have so many more new ideas that ready to bloom. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking of these songs that I never quite finished. And I won’t be able to move on until I get them all fleshed out…. So tonight I’ll play them live, most for the first time (a few I have before here and there). This will show me where they stand. It’s the litmus test if you will. Often on stage, in front of an audience, is where I’ll see clearly what is working and what is not in the song structure, melodies and lyrics. I’ll often hear harmonies that are missing, or tweak lyrics. Or in some cases, just decide that a song needs major edits.

I’ll then listen to their almost finished recordings this weekend a million times (exaggeration), and by the end of March I hope to have all final edits complete. Then the Depo is off to my main man Colin Hua for mixing/mastering.

I call these my Depo LB’s because they are not in the normal vein of the music biz. These are my own creation. But this is a subject for another blog I’ll write about soon, as I’d like to be open and honest about my creative process and how that relates standard operating procedures with in the music Industry.

We face many challenges as artists, and I’m hoping to share what works and doesn’t work for me, in support of other musicicans/artists who are dreaming of blazing their own trail, expressing their own voice - not just following the official template which inevitably involves a lack of integrity.

My music is about this truth as well, so check out my past depo’s and stay tuned for more!

If you are an artist in Brooklyn, consider coming to Bay Ridge’s Greenhouse Cafe tonight or any night. It’s a wonderful community of song writers and musicians who love to help with the birth of songs, musicians, bands, and careers whenever possible.

Lyndol DescantComment