Friday Night Pianist Residency at Gp's in Jersey City

Tonight I am starting a Residency at GP's in Jersey City. When I posted a video and advertised on my FB just now, someone wrote “Living the Dream!” I'm not sure if they are being sarcastic, (it's hard to tell with social media these days) but truthfully, and humbly, I AM! This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. And I'm overjoyed that it's at GP's; a wonderfully eclectic restaurant and meeting ground for so many of Jersey City's interesting peeps.

Today, so many of us are disconnected, and disjointed. Some blame social media? Some blame Trump?Some blame Chemtrails? Who could say for sure, but at GP's, you'd never know we are living in troubled times. People gather for there for food, drink, conversation, and I get to be the music behind it all.

At times, it's an ambience performance; a proper balance of upbeat and relaxing covers, depending on the night. I can hook them in with their favorite tunes. The right playlist can turn moods, create smiles and provides subject for further conversation.

Other times it's far more interactive, typically later in the night, when the request start flying. Group sing-a-longs and live karaoke is not something I imagined enjoying, but I do! It's joyful and invigorating to lead these serious business types, and cool millenials, and quiet strangers - in song. They join together in lyrics that seem to rise from the depths of their memories, bringing with them emotional release. And a small, innocent escape.

Life doesn't seem to be easy for any of us these days. I hear more and more of people who have had nervous breakdowns, or outbursts over social media posts. And worse, people struggling with crises, deaths and even suicides. So many of us wish we could sweep in and save each other, save the world. But then find we are powerless.

The only thing we can really do is... whatever we can do. Playing music keeps me sane, no matter what is happening on the political stage. And I want to share that. I want to inspire others to either use music or something else that works for them, to release the tension, and connect to a feeling of peace and joy beyond our small, individual lives. When we do connect sincerely to something outside ourselves such as music, or other people, we feel hope again. And hope can see us through.

So playing music is my small, humble contribution. But it's always been my dream to do this, and I put my whole heart in it.

And I can't wait to play tonight, less than 4 hours away now. I have my set list ready to go but the night is always a surprise, and lesson in staying in the moment.

I LOVE when Anadelia is there too, the Hostess with the Mostest, taking requests, and divinely duet-ing with me. Her voice is so fresh. And expresses so much of what's happening now in the hip music world. Her style is a good balance with someone like me, who straddles the Analogue, with the Digital Age. Though 80's and 90's Pop/Rock were my formative jams, I truly do love ALL music and LOVE making it music of the NOW, on a fine piano each and every FRIDAY NIGHT @ GP's.

Come sing with us and see what I mean...

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