The Descant Trio

"The musical style is an eclectic mix of Austin singer/songwriter folk combined with jazz inflections and rock rhythms and song forms. The result is music that is powerfully alive and eclectic." - Reviews by Amity Hereweard, March 14, 2018

The Descant Trio is a Brooklyn based Fusion Pop project lead by Lyndol Descant. Comprised of some of the best jazz cats on the NYC scene, The Descant Trio specializes in creating the right tone and ambiance thru their music; be it quiet and relaxed or up beat and fun. All styles are fair game. They especially enjoy combining the elegance of traditional jazz with the joy of pop to create unique covers and hip originals. 

Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 2018

Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 2018

Originally from Texas, Lyndol studied jazz piano and voice, first in Montreal, then Paris. In 2010 she moved to NYC and has been performing and composing profusely ever since. 

The Descant Trio available for hire and bring their extensive experience to weddings (ceremony/cocktail hour/dancing floor), corporate events, holiday and birthday parties, Brunch and Evening Restaurant sets. They have played at wonderful venues such as Ristorante Lincoln at Lincoln Center, City Vinery at Pier 26, Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, Sidewalk and the Bitter End, NYC. 

Often adding instruments/players such as guitar, violin and/or horns to complete the sound, The Descant Trio always works hard to get that right sound for each and every gig.  They can provide their own equipment or use the piano/PA on-site, equipment on site.



Contact Info: 

Lyndol Descant

281 881 2505






“ warm vocal style through multiple feels and styles. Descant’s music will touch your life with musical sincerity.”  - Eliana Fermi, Staccato Fly, Full Review: 

"an experience of sound and feeling. Descant isn't restrained by stylistic boundaries, either. Her compositions reach into pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds, their elements mixing together in complete harmony."  - Stacey Zerig, No Depression  

"Imagine a record where Lisa Loeb leaned in to her lyrics, or If Joni Mitchell actually had bass harmonies. It’s a full, well rounded sound that is both tantalizing and calming." Sam Greenspan, Savage Henry

"A Clap of Thunder from the realm of creativity."  Grady Harp, 5 Star Google

“Sex Wars;” a dark, foreboding exploration of the friction that occurs in human sexuality. “All Love,” is my personal favorite on this CD. It exploit’s Descant’s best use of the smoothly engaging rhythms, and her harmonic and melodic style. Descant’s music is, at the heart, the work of a storyteller.  " - Dawoud Kringle, DooBeeDoobeeDoo

"A wonderful third offering in an ever-growing discography of depth and meaning.  Descant will embrace you with her thoughtful lyrics and memorable melodies.  A strong outing that is worth the price of admission." - Illiam Sebitz, 5 Finger Review

"The candid lyricism of Carly Simon meets the easy listening vocalese of Fiona Apple on Lyndol Descant‘s new release, All Love." - Susan Frances, Blog Critics 

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Venues Played: 

  • RiverView Jazz Fest @ GP's Restaurant, Jersey City, NJ, 2018

  • Ristorante Lincoln, Lincoln Center, NYC

  • The Brooklyn Conservatory, February 2019

  • Wedding in the Wine Garden at City Vinery, Pier 26, NYC

  • Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

  • Cameroon wedding in Paris

  • Graduation party in the Algonquin Hotel-Manhattan

  • Prospect Park-Brooklyn

  • St. Luke's Gala in Houston, Texas

  • Le Caveau Des Oubliettes, Paris, France

  • with Sweet Soubrette at Joe's Pub in NYC

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