Elegant Jazz Pop Music by NYC’s Finest Musicians 

Comprised of some of the best jazz cats on the NYC scene, The Descant Trio plays;

Jazz, Pop, Blues, Rock & Country

They have played at wonderful venues;

Ristorante Lincoln at Lincoln Center, City Vinery at Pier 26, Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, Riverview Jazz Festival

They are available for hire and have extensive experience for;

wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, Corporate Events, Holiday and Birthday parties, Brunch and Evening Restaurant sets.


Vast Repertoire including all Styles of Music

Top 40, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Folk.... Contemporary as well as old classics, The song list is customized for each occasion. Got any favorite songs you'd like to hear? Lyndol especially loves to play 80’s and 90’s!

"played for my private Christmas party. We wanted an eclectic mix of old jazz standards, new wave ballads, French songs, and Christmas carols...was perfect -- punctual and professional. I would hire again for any event." Christina, 2017

Elegant Jazz Pop Covers 

The Descant Trio loves to take a songs that mean so much to people and make it come alive again in their interpretation.   Cocktail hour and dinner sets are perfect for their soothing, uplifting variety. 

"Lyndol - thank you! You ladies did such a great job and set such a great tone. Ellen (girl of the hour) was shy but has been singing/talking about the music ever since party wrapped.   Best, L " 

The Descant Trio Originals -  Fusion at it's Finest 

The Descant Trio also plays Lyndol Descant's originals songs at popular venues all thru out the East Coast.  

"an experience of sound and feeling. Descant isn't restrained by stylistic boundaries, either. Her compositions reach into pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds, their elements mixing together in complete harmony."  - Stacey Zerig, No Depression