Review & Album Release- Live @ Rockwood out 6/30

This Sunday, I’ll be releasing a live album. This is live recording; Though unedited, it was recorded through 13 different channels and mixed by Casey Holford. It captured one of my favorite nights… a release party for my All Love Depo that happened to fall on January 3rd, 201 8 - the night the Bomb Cyclone hit New York. Though set to hit later that night, I was convinced I would be playing to an empty room + my mom:) But this terrible snow storm didn’t stop many fans from coming to hear the music and I was just so touched. It was magic. Here’s a snippet of the first review …

“The entire performance was well paced and put together. Descant is a passionate, yet not overbearing singer, with very solid piano skills. Her singing has an intimacy and immediacy that is very refreshing. Her songwriting harkens back to a time in popular music where lyrical depth and harmonic sophistication were the norm, rather than the exception. Livneh, Nisim, and Hua are clearly excellent musicians who offer the songs the exact support and color one expects from musicians sensitive to the needs of the composition. The CD was very well recorded and mixed.” - Review by Dawoud Kringle, Doobeedoobeedoo

This Sunday, we will be playing live at Rockwood 1 to celebrate the release. It’s all very meta, but I’m super proud of our live show and love to offer both the live experience and the next best thing… the live album.

The Lyndol Descant Trio - Live at Rockwood Music Hall, January 3, 2018

Uri Zelig on Drums, Ran Livneh on Bass and Colin Hua on Guitar

Full Review here -

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