5 Star Amazon Review of All Love!

"Texas born Lyndol Descant is a composer, singer and pianist with a musical style that is powerfully alive and eclectic. She merges jazz alto vocals with rock, and touches of folk. Her refined piano skills express raw emotion and electrifying rhythm. She studied classical piano and choral voice, spending four years formally studying jazz piano and composition at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, France while also privately studying voice at the Jazz Vocal Academy. She also studied at McGill in Montreal. She has been teaching privately and on staff at the Brooklyn Conservatory. Inspired by her travels in France, exposure to live musical improvisation, and the 90's Austin culture 'keeping it weird', her creativity came bursting through in a variety of art forms. As a lifelong mystic, she discovered the power of creativity to unleash more peace and love upon this world. And her mission became clear. Her passion for all forms of creative expression remains active, but music is her main focus and love of her life. She continues to create and perform prolifically in the NYC Music Scene. All the while, she is soaking up the renaissance of art and music in Brooklyn, her home base for now.

Hers is an eclectic mix of emotions, mad skill, connection to nature, and creativity. Largely piano based, with sincere vocals, it is a self produced recording straight from the heart of Brooklyn. All Love contains 9 original songs that explore philosophical, personal and metaphysical quagmires surrounding the universal subject of LOVE."

- 5 stars from Grady Harp, Hall of Fame top 100 Reviewer