"All Love" CD Release @ Rockwood Music Hall, Stg. 3, NYC Tonight

"So it's finally here, tonight's the night. My CD Release party for All Love. I'm listening thru the trax on CD baby one last time, before they go live later tonight."

How do I feel you might ask? After months of planning and thinking of this moment... I feel scared, vulnerable, excited, and ready for it to be out! Like I've been giving birth and now I'm about to introduce my new baby into the world.. All Love.  She;s a beaut! 

I'm proud too. I like how it turned out. And I 'm excited about how we are going to interpret it live, with a Trio + Colin Hua on guitar for a few tunes. 

I've worked hard to get to a place where I truly like and believe in my music, from it's message, and essence, to it's technique, expression and groove.  It hasn't always been easy, but when I play, especially with this band of Cats (Ran Livneh on Standup, Uri Zelig on Drums) - it's so worth it! 

I can write more here on this, but actually have to get ready... show's only 3.5 hours away and I need to get dressed and freak out some more!  Here's to living life to the fullest and giving all we have to give. Amen!

Lyndol DescantComment