Sesame Street Debut

This past week, I filmed a segment for Sesame Street. The one and only Sesame Street! (though now owned by HBO)

Sesame Street moments are some of my very earliest memories. We watched it all the time when I was a young girl of the 70's.  Right from the start, Sesame Street showed me that learning is super fun. 

At the Concert Hall in the Brooklyn Conservatory, they filmed my standard vocal warm ups for youngsters with one of my students. She is interested in acting as well, so it was a great opportunity for her. While I played the piano in the background,  the focus was totally on her. As she rose to the occasion and sang beautifully, I couldn't help but feel the significance of the moment.

Getting to do my vocal warm-ups on Sesame Street is a great way to inspire children to take voice lessons, to develop their music abilities, and to make it all seem cool and fun – which it truly can be. What an opportunity to reach more student! Something I've longed for, as I truly believe in the value of learning the language of music – for everyone!

It was a career highlight for me, getting to fulfill my life's passion in that manner. I work hard for my vision of a world where music study is part of every child's education. To reach this end, exposure and inspiration are key. Thank you Sesame Street for the opportunity. 

It will not air for a year, so I'll be sure to post when it does.  

Sesame Street