2016 Call to Action

I've heard that 2016 is a year of balance. While for some that might mean learning to take it easy, for other's it's about waking up... which happens to be 2 songs by Sweet Soubrette. Wow, I wasn't planning on writing about that here, but it's true. You can hear these songs via these links below and they will totally help you get into the spirit of 2016.

I loved recording these as a trio formation - Ellia Bisker on Ukelele and Lead vocals, Heather Cole on Violins, and Me on piano and back up vocals. They were recording by Casey Holford on an old Piano in an old Brooklyn Apartment. Then Bob was added later on the Bass.  The result is charming and edgy. I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Working on these songs helped me to develop traits in myself and free myself from trying to be someone I could never be.  This character development is coming in handy now for 2016 as I face some of my biggest fears; putting myself out there, allowing myself to be seen and heard for who I really am as an artist and musician. 

Sweet Soubrette lead by Ellia Bisker  





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