Testing, Testing

Ok, this is a test to see if I can figure out my blog page, with out the help of my dear friend Mary Wages who has completely made this site come to life finally!!! After all these years of having this domain name and paying for web hosting, I could never seem to get a page going. Turns out bad Karma with my past web designer might have been the cause of all the technical problems I experienced. Once I released my anger against her, things came online pretty quickly.  Amazing how we can sabotage our own lives by harboring resentment towards someone else. This website is proof positive of that. Miracles really do happen when we forgive.

Before I test this to see if it publishes, I want to share a quote I read today that I loved!!!  It is in reference to the dream of finding a life partner and living happily ever after...

 "A greater story, we believe, would be that of the girl who learned to release her victim consciousness, to be her own hero and love herself unconditionally, and by embracing her truth as a beloved aspect of Source, shone brightly like a beautiful goddess, and from that firm foundation drew in all the elements to create the life of her dreams." ~Archangel Gabriel


Ah yeah!!! This site is going to be the beginning of that story, my new story!


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