Ellia Bisker's Original What's My Desire At Erel Pilo's Night of Sirens Benefit concert celebrating Women's History Month, March 2014

This is a Cover "The Littlest Birds" by the Be Good Tanyas. Braxton Hicks (Robert Milnes) of the The Mission Boys played Harmonica for us. 

The Descant Trio with Ran Livneh on Bass, Michael Vitali on Cajons March 31st at Greenhouse Cafe, Brooklyn. Part of Max Christopher's Original Thursday

This is a live recording from a wedding in 2015. I sang 2 Verses/Chorus' from Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, a cappella. Courtesy of Won27 Productions

So long ago, a wonderful Bar named Bar 4 existed, this was from my first year in NYC, at the open mic I spent every tuesday for that year. Dara Eagle joined me for the song that made me want to start learning music again... Fade Into You, by Mazzy Star

Written and Performed By Lyndol Descant Along With Michael Vitali and Ran Livneh At "Original Thursdays" At Greenhouse Cafe On Thursday March 31st, 2016. The Descant Trio

Dez Is Music plays cajons for me, on one of my originals... "Reach Up" This was from Erel Pilo's event...Night of Sirens at the BitterEnd, in the Village, NYC, March 2014