“Lyndol - thank you! You ladies did such a great job and set such a great tone. Ellen (girl of the hour) was shy but has been singing/talking about the music ever since party wrapped. Hope you had safe trip back to Brooklyn. “
— L, Mother of Birthday Girl, CT
“As a professional musician/educator, I have to tell you, after listening to your online music recordings/videos, that you are an exceptional and awesome musician/vocalist and composer! “
— D, Mother of the Bride, from August Wedding

Producer Colin Hua  - http://www.colinhua.com/music 

Late Night F Train (Back Up Vocals)


Another Long Night (Back Up Vocals)


Living a Daydream (Back Up Vocals)


She performs regularly for private and public events, as a solo performer as well as with her jazz pop band, The Descant Trio.  She’s available to play at private and public events/parties, fundraisers, as a solo artist, or with a collaboration of NYC musicians. 

Ever committed to enhancing and improving her craft, she’s worked with other musical greats like Peter Giron and Steve Browman of the American School of Modern Music in Paris and Kenny Bibase of the McGill Conservatory in Montreal.

She loves to combine the elegance of traditional jazz and pop standards with fresh, hip sounds to create updated versions of classics

Her personal songbook includes classic and modern pop, country, rock and jazz tunes. As a music educator and performer to children, She loves to preform for younger audience,s and her repertoire includes a diverse bank of kid-friendly songs.

She prides herself on being able to create the right tone for whatever setting she’s performing in, be it quiet and relaxed or up beat. She’s been commissioned to provide vocals, piano and keyboard at a number of diverse events from a Cameroon wedding in Paris, a graduation party in the Algonquin Hotel-Manhattan, and a private party in Prospect Park-Brooklyn to a Christmas event at Old Glory Church in Wimberley-Texas and a large-scale Gala in Houston. She’s even performed for Sesame Street (forthcoming in 2017).

She also collaborates extensively with a number of different musicians on a regular basis, fusing styles, exploring the frontier of sound. 

- Sweet Soubrette lead by Ellia Bisker www.sweetsoubrette.com                                                   Big Celebrity: Now available   https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/big-celebrity/id1152645038


Jill Sargeant's Debut Album: Sweet and Sour