Hire The Descant Trio For Weddings & Events

Piano/Keys + Vox +  Stand Up Bas/Electric Bass + Drums = The Descant Trio 

Comprised of some of the best jazz cats on the NYC scene; The Descant Trio is available for hire at weddings, corporate events, and private gatherings. They play Jazz, Pop and Rock covers, as well as Lyndol's original compositions. Their music is soothing, creative, fun and fresh. 

Often adding on instruments and players such as guitar, violin and/or Horns to complete the sound, always working for the right sound and mode for each and every gig. The Descant Trio can provide their own equipment or use the piano/PA on-site, equipment on site.

“ warm vocal style through multiple feels and styles. Descant’s music will touch your life with musical sincerity.” - Eliana Fermi, Staccato Fly

Elegant Jazz Pop at it's finest, bringing something unique and refreshing to the music NYC scene.  


Vast Repertoire including all Styles of Music

The Repertoire is vast and includes Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Contemporary and classics. Plus, Lyndol is always happy to customize the song list and learn new tunes for the occasion. As a teacher at the Brooklyn Conservatory, her songbook also includes a diverse bank of kid-friendly songs.

Elegant Jazz Pop Covers 

Lyndol loves to take a songs that mean so much to us and make it come alive.   Her covers are creative, and fresh.  The Promise - Soothing, Uplifting Variety for your special occasion. 


The Descant Trio Originals -  Fusion at it's Finest 

The Descant Trio also plays Lyndol Descant's originals songs at popular venues all thru out the East Coast . Her originals are described as: 

"an experience of sound and feeling. Descant isn't restrained by stylistic boundaries, either. Her compositions reach into pop, jazz fusion, and alternative sounds, their elements mixing together in complete harmony." 

- Stacey Zerig, No Depression