UCB Private Show - I'm the Audience of One

What what?!? That's right, I went to the UCB training headquarters in Manhattan to be part of an experiment called the Audience of One. 4 UCB comedians did 10min standup just for me. The whole thing was filmed and streamed live. 

I love UCB and couldn't pass this opportunity up. It happened to fall on International Women's Day and seemed the perfect way to celebrate my feminine empowerment. I didn't think about it til that morning, that I was the only audience member there to heckle. I'm never comfortable with attention, especially from Professional Comedians. I would have no where to hide. Yikes! 

They were kind,though, and just happy to have an audience laughing - even if it was just one.

 I LOVE to laugh and totally appreciated the increase in my T cells. Natural mood enhancers are welcomed these days!

And these guys are top notch and I was in stitches.  I think for my birthday next year, I'll try to hire them for another private show. 

Here's the link to video of it... 


Lyndol DescantComment