Sweet Soubrette Gig at the Rock Shop

Last Thursday, we had a gig at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn. It was a full band formation which means 3 horns, violin, rhythm section and Ellia (songwriter) leading on vocals and ukelele. I adore playing with this band. Everyone in the band is accomplished and kind, fun to work with and gives 100%. I'm so thankful to be a part of it. 

The  music of Sweet Soubrette is unique and original and so completely rockin. I would love to use the word "cutting edge" to describe it, but I was just made fun of last night by an Australian  Booker for using this phrase. Not sure if the phrase has become trite or if it's due to the fact that Australians like to make fun of everything. (generalization here) 

In Dec and beginning of January, we recorded 5 new songs under the guidance of Don Godwin and Airshow studios in Maryland. I was able to play on 1 of two amazing pianos for the songs... a yamaha baby grand or a Steinway grand. I'm a yamaha girl myself, but the Steinway had a nice dark sound to it, so it was wonderful to decide by the feel of the song.  And Airshow is a top notch studio (probably another phrase an Australian would make fun of?)

Not sure yet when this will be released, but looking forward to it. We'll have another big show to release it and it's sure to be a blast. 

Lyndol DescantComment